I’m in Sarajevo. I’ve been here about a week, and I’ve been enjoying their first major snowfall of the year. 

And I mean really enjoying it: I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy to see snow in my life, and that’s including being a kid when snow meant school would close.

Thank god I had the foresight to prepare myself for the winter when I was back in Belgrade; I spend a couple of days accumulating all the necessary accoutrements like a coat, boots, and unrelated though cool, a new pair of tennis shoes to tuck in my bag for the few balmy days I might experience somewhere this winter.

But hear me out: do I like the cold now?

I’ve been cold averse as long as I can remember, and suddenly I feel energized to walk up and down Sarajevo’s hills and have been delighting in returning home at night to stare at the snow falling from my window. 

Later today I’m headed further up the mountain, where I’ve rented a little bungalow for a stretch so I can relax, get some work done, and enjoy this surprisingly beautiful winter wonderland. 

But it’s weird because I have been someone who chased the sun so much that it worked its way into my bio, something along the lines of: “she’s someone for whom the word winter is a verb, so she’s likely down for an invite somewhere warm.”

But guys, no joke, I am not looking forward to leaving at all. No matter the temperature.

Who knew I’d be so in love with Sarajevo?


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