responsibilities, part 2

I just got to Ljubljana after having spent literally only two nights in Zagreb.

Nothing happened in Zagreb.

Okay, not nothing. I went to the Christmas markets and had some surprisingly amazing Nepalese food.

But I just didn’t feel pressed to go shooting or visit a museum, or do all of those things that nomads are supposed to do.

There are a few reasons for this.

One: I only scheduled a couple of days here to break up my trip from Bosnia to Slovenia, the latter being the real destination.

Two: I’ve been having terrible, crippling pain shooting down my right leg. I’ve eaten an entire box of Ibuprofen in the last few days.

And Three: I’ll be back. Now just isn’t the time for Croatia.

But do I have a responsibility to “do” every city that I’m in?

And how shitty is it every time I chose not to?

And yeah, I’m asking this because really, the thing I want to do here in Slovenia is rest in my giant bed alone, catch up on work, and go see Lake Bled. And I don’t really know if there’s room for anything else.

So you’ll have to excuse me if, after a week in Ljubljana, my Instagram isn’t splashed with pics of the dragon bridge and that pink church or whatever, because really: don’t those things just look better when it’s not raining?

And reflexively, I’m so glad I waited to visit Bled until it was snowing. And I’m twice as glad that I actually made it because unlike the CBD in Ljubljana, Bled and winter go together beautifully (stay tuned.)


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